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Marc invented the concept of cœurviculture – winemaking with a heart – which encapsulates a family philosophy built on consistent values and staying true to oneself. Marc and Emmanuelle are passionate about their craft. They are imbued with great sensitivity and develop and apply this ethos every day as they tap into the promptings of nature and its needs.

«We need to move away from overly mechanised approaches and combine the sensitivity of our hearts with the power of thought.»

A shared personal journey

In their personal life, Emmanuelle and Marc are parents to two sons, Maxence and Arthur, who are the future of the Augustin domaine. However, there is an extra dimension to their relationship. Marc is always to be found alongside Emmanuelle, who is passionate about healing therapies such as reflexology and HomSham homeopathy. He supports her and attends her training courses – vineyard activities permitting.
Together, they have become aware that their sensitivity is an asset in understanding the world in which we live. “2012 was a dreadful year; my vines suffered appallingly and I suffered on their behalf. Emmanuelle made the link and noticed this connection. Since then, we have decided to make a fresh start and produce our champagne in line with our own values. This is how we came to embrace contemporary biodynamics and coeurviculture – winemaking with a heart.”

L’Univers d’Emmanuelle & Marc s’ouvrira bientôt à vous.
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Making time to take stock and reconnect

Marc and Emmanuelle Augustin believe that we must all awaken our inner sensitivity. Sometimes, all that is required is to stop and listen in order to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the world around us.
Champagne Augustin views nature as a complete and complex biodiverse system in which all the biological realms are taken into consideration.
Its philosophy of life involves living in a symbiotic relationship with nature, tending it and making it fruitful in a way which is respectful of living organisms.
Over time, Marc has given up hunting and has embraced his bond with nature. Disregarding the opinions of other people, he communicates with his vines and wines.
This interaction and the feedback he receives allows him to adapt his practices in order to cultivate his vines and produce these wines.

«Sometimes you have to remember to listen to what your inner voice is telling you»

L’Univers d’Emmanuelle & Marc s’ouvrira bientôt à vous.
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