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«Following wine right through the production process is a top priority for us. Wine is a living organism which responds to the way in which it is handled.» Marc Augustin therefore strives to treat it respectfully at every stage in the vinification process. Echoing the care lavished on the vines, Augustin champagnes are produced naturally to ensure that the life of the terroir and its character are faithfully expressed.

«Producing our champagnes and giving people the opportunity to taste them is like magic.»

A quality-based dynamic

The process begins at harvest time and, as with everything aspect of the Augustin establishment, symbolism is important.
The choice of harvest days depends on the maturity of each parcel, but also on the lunar calendar which divides days up into four categories: Fruit days, Root days, Flower days, and Leaf days.
Fruit and Flower days are therefore the most favourable times for harvesting.
For some years now, Champagne Augustin has been moving towards a predominantly female grape-picking team as the feminine aspect embodies notions of gentleness, care, fecundity and fertility.
The next phase is the pressing process which transforms the grapes into juice. This is preferably carried out in the morning at a very slow pace. Cuvées produced are left unfiltered so that they retain all their characteristics.
Vinification can then begin.

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Grapes are transformed into champagne

Marc’s priority is to retain natural characteristics.
His vinification processes follow this principle. He rejects chilling and malolactic inoculation and uses minimal sulphur and sugar.
Marc believes that the container affects the contents. He uses enamelled vats which are less harsh than stainless steel. He has also had barrels and wine jars made from wood from the Montagne de Reims. Lastly, he uses terracotta amphorae which help to improve the wine significantly.
Wine is transferred to bottles in accordance with the principles of chromatology, and takes place on days with low tidal coefficients when osmotic pressure on molecules is lower.
The aim is always to be consistent and to harmoniously preserve the stability and balance of the wine, which shines through in the quality of Augustin champagnes.

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