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He shares these values with his wife Emmanuelle. Their training, reading and above all their interaction with likeminded individuals have persuaded them of the merits of the contemporary biodynamic approach. A respect for the living world through biodynamics is more than just a method for them, it is a philosophy of life.

«From the very outset, my aim has been to practise green viticulture, leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment in which we live.»

Biodynamics – a fresh approach

Biodynamicists view every agricultural entity as a living organism which must be as diverse and autonomous as possible. Biodynamics restores balance, resilience and vitality to plants and soil which have been depleted by repeated chemical treatments.

Biodynamics also establishes a relationship between the four elements and the four main parts of a plant: between earth and roots, water and leaves, air and flowers, fire and fruits.
The lunar cycle determines the best dates on which to stimulate these parts of the plant. Thus to stimulate the soil, it should be tended on a Root day as the moon is opposite an earth constellation (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn); fruit benefits from activity on a Fruit day when the moon is in a fire constellation (Leo, Aries or Sagittarius).

Marc Augustin has adopted these practices and adapts them to each parcel of vines.

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Marc Augustin – a biodynamicist

Marc Augustin has opted to live in symbiosis with nature and to have as little impact on it as possible.
He implements this theory with an open mind and a common sense approach, heating his home, for example, with cuttings produced when he prunes his vines.

For Marc, innovation is a prerequisite for discovering meaning in life. He has a constantly inquiring mind and is always on the move. He is experimenting with planting flax which helps to keep vines cool. He practices permaculture and plants legumes on his parcels to preserve biodiversity.

Respect for air quality, water and biodiversity and particular attention to protecting microorganisms in the soil ensure that Marc develops Augustin champagnes which faithfully reflect their terroir.

L’Univers d’Emmanuelle & Marc s’ouvrira bientôt à vous.
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