«Marc’s philosophy makes its presence felt in his work. Read more.»


The Champagne terroir is governed by powerful laws of nature and natural diversity creates an infinite number of variations which have an impact on the typical characteristics of the grapes produced and therefore on the wine. We take a different approach to each parcel.
Climate is not a cause for concern. It is an element which we have to work around as there is nothing to be gained by fighting it.
We have been organic since 2012 and biodynamic across the whole domaine since 2013.
In 2016, we began the process of applying for Demeter certification.

« I prefer to use the word ‘Craft’ rather than ‘Work’ to describe how we interact with our vines. »

Vines form the bridge between the earth and man

Earth, vines and man form the magic triptych which governs our grape production.
Three components, three entities, three living things. Singly they have no meaning, but all three interact with each other.
This is why Champagne Augustin, in keeping with its philosophy, has implemented wine-producing practices which are environmentally friendly for the vines.
In winter, Marc practises non-traumatic pruning of the vines.
In June, he favours braiding rather than trimming to tame the bushy shoots on the vines which are in their peak growth period.

These decisions involve adapting facilities and are far more time-consuming then conventional cultivation methods. Champagne Augustin is willing to accept the consequences of this choice.

L’Univers d’Emmanuelle & Marc s’ouvrira bientôt à vous.
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We have opted for «preferential treatment» for our vines

Champagne Augustin experiments with new approaches on a daily basis and this open-mindedness combines ancestral practices with contemporary technology to positive effect.
Marc plants complementary flax or legume crops which bring coolness and diversity to the vine rows.
He combines this with HomSham homeopathy which provides input (stimulation, prevention) to the vine in infinitesimal ways. This homeopathic treatment principle is applied and combined with the notion that interactions constitute part of the effect.
Furthermore, Marc has fitted his high-clearance tractor with a bespoke copper tank as this metal has an energising effect on water.
When it comes to excellence, small things can make all the difference.

L’Univers d’Emmanuelle & Marc s’ouvrira bientôt à vous.
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