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These choices were born of an awareness of the value of their legacy and a desire for continuous improvement. These inspired ideas proved to be visionary and bore fruit on every occasion. Now it is the turn of Emmanuelle and Marc to nurture this spirit of openness and a commitment to passing on their skills.
The Augustin domaine lies in the heart of the Champagne region and its terroirs and grape varieties are a guarantor of excellence. Pinot Noir, king of the Montagne de Reims and Chardonnay, which reigns supreme in the Côte des Blancs, combine forces. Far from vying for attention, these two varieties stimulate each other to create balance.

Augustin champagne is the culmination of the work of two wine-growing families spanning nine generations in total.

The Augustin domaine

We are based in Avenay Val d’Or, a unique location surrounded by vineyards and woods, which is perfect for strolling and relaxing.
Augustin champagnes are produced on two highly prestigious terroirs: Avenay Val d’Or - Montagne de Reims Premier Cru and Vertus - Côte des Blancs Premier Cru.
The Montagne de Reims is a huge accumulation of sedimentary geological layers comprising chalk, sand, clays and limestone. It comes as a surprise to see that most of these hillsides have a northerly exposure. The grapes there ripen due to a very specific climatic phenomenon.
The Côte des Blancs is an internationally renowned narrow 15km strip of land. The region owes its name to the Chardonnay grape which is the dominant variety in this area.
This is our domaine and here is its history.

L’Univers d’Emmanuelle & Marc s’ouvrira bientôt à vous.
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Our inheritance

Champagne Augustin perpetuates the work of two families of winegrowers going back four generations on the male side and spanning five generations on the female side.

In the early 20th century, Andrée Lefèvre, Marc’s great-grandmother, began producing champagne from her own grapes, which at that time was almost exclusively the preserve of major champagne houses. She severed her ties with négociants and retained and processed her own harvest, which was a risky undertaking for a woman. At the time, winegrowers survived on potatoes planted between their rows of vines and fowl in their poultry yards. The concept of grower-producers did not really take off until the 1960s.
Marc’s father, Jean Augustin, never used weedkillers, sludge, composted biosolids or other pollutants on his parcels. He rejected chemical inputs which were hailed as the new way forward in the 1970s and 1980s.

“Now it is my turn to improve what I will be passing on.”

L’Univers d’Emmanuelle & Marc s’ouvrira bientôt à vous.
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